How to define, design and implement bar code, rfid, in warehouse management, inventory management software providing supply chain visibility and inventory control.

Get started. drill down from layman to technical understanding of rfid, bar code applications, benefits and tradeoffs. Get started and drill down from layman to technical understanding of bar code and rfid applications, benefits and tradeoffs. Best practices, benchmarking, and cost payback enable you to define, design and implement cost effective global supply chain systems. Fundamentals of global supply chain flow and how rfid and bar codes and Internet communications are used to optimize your system. Introduction and drill down for supply chain standards retail, paper, automotive, airframe, DoD, military GS1, UPC, UPC.EAN, GTIN, EAN, AIAG, DoD, Spec. 2000, UID, EPC.



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The Faculty: Larry Graham

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Larry G. Graham is GM's Global Manager Automatic Identification Technology and Distributive Computing, Global Technology Management Team, Information Systems and Services. Larry has over twenty-five years of industry experience applying automatic identification, data collection, and computer technologies with more than 850 installations in eight industries.  Mr. Graham's responsibilities include the Automatic Identification Center for Excellence for GM business sectors, process engineering information officers, and global commonization.  The spectrum of automatic identification technologies include bar code (linear and two-dimensional), radio frequency identification (RFID), radio frequency data collection (RFDC), card (magnetic and smart), and emerging technologies such as voice, vision, and biometrics.

Graham participates with a number of internal and external standards organizations including GM voting representative ISO SC31 TAG; AIMUSA past Chair Printer Committee, ANSI MH10 voting representative; Co-Chair Joint AIAG/Odette/JAMA-JAPIA Common Global Template (initiated), AIAG, current Co-Chair  Applications Workgroup and Co-Chair Logistics Project Team, past Co-chair Two Dimensional Application Workgroup, Symbology Workgroup and document manager EDI Best Practices Workgroup (recipient of the 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, and 1999  AIAG Outstanding Achievement Award),  and has worked with VICS,  and Uniform Code Council standards committees.  Within  GM, serves on the Corporate Label Committee, VIN Standard Committee, and Vehicle Security Forum. Mr. Graham was the AIAG corporate voting representative for GE. He has served as technical advisor to several trade associations and has assisted many industrial and consumer goods manufacturers, retailers, carriers, and public warehouses in implementing the UCC/EAN-128, AIAG B10 shipping label and electronic commerce compliance requirements.  Mr. Graham has conducted seminars on a variety of subjects including electronic commerce, supply chain management, bar code basics, data collection, and two-dimensional symbologies.  Mr. Graham is credited as the originator of the bar code “wedge”.

Mr. Graham’s management experience includes positions as Manufacturing Manager, Product Manager, Vice President Sales/Marketing and Senior Business Process Consultant.  He holds a BS degree in Industrial Marketing and an MBA in General Management.