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[T103] RFID in the Supply Chain: What Does THAT Mean?

Class Instructor: Rick Bushnell

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Class Description:

The goal of this session is to help people understand, in layman’s terms, the RFID based EPC global network in the context of today’s supply chain needs. To do this the session also explains how RFID relates to bar codes and why RFID is being used. It also explains the important fact that “Bar codes and EPCs will coexist for many years to come.” In the words of the UCC and EPCglobal (the organizations promoting the use of RFID in the supply chain)

After participating in this session people will be able to discuss how and when either or both technologies can benefit their company. They will also be better prepared to understand what major retailers like Wal-Mart see as advantages to the use of RFID technology and the EPCglobal Network.

Session Outline:

  • Introduction – Some Points of Confusion

  • What We Are Talking About

  • How the EPCglobal Network is to Work

  • RFID vs. Bar Codes

  • Where To Start and ROI

Support Materials – Links where “students” can drill down to the level of detail that they need. They include:

  • The Good, The Bad And The Ugly About An RFID Implementation By A Wal-Mart Top 100 Supplier

  • Controversy About RFID Replacing Bar Codes?

  • RFID Technology, Standards Development, Applications And The Companies Behind The Technology

  • The RFID Facts

  • Three Basic Questions about EPCglobal and Links To More information

  • Since Wal-Mart is quoted so frequently, we thought you should have a link directly to their web site.

  • Have you heard about the “China Problem”?


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