How to define, design and implement bar code, rfid, in warehouse management, inventory management software providing supply chain visibility and inventory control.

Get started. drill down from layman to technical understanding of rfid, bar code applications, benefits and tradeoffs. Get started and drill down from layman to technical understanding of bar code and rfid applications, benefits and tradeoffs. Best practices, benchmarking, and cost payback enable you to define, design and implement cost effective global supply chain systems. Fundamentals of global supply chain flow and how rfid and bar codes and Internet communications are used to optimize your system. Introduction and drill down for supply chain standards retail, paper, automotive, airframe, DoD, military GS1, UPC, UPC.EAN, GTIN, EAN, AIAG, DoD, Spec. 2000, UID, EPC.



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How Ready Is My Company To Implement Technology? [G105]

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Class Description

The purpose of this class is to help people determine how ready their company is to implement systems and components of systems that include automatic identification (bar codes and radio frequency -- RFID) and data collection technologies. It provides 3 exercises including an Excel spreadsheet to calculate your level of readiness.

At the end of the class, and after you take the self-exam, you will be ready to answer the question,  “What must my company do to prepare itself to use new technologies?"

The class will help you see the big picture, understand the elements and understand your real mission so you can save the time otherwise wasted in false starts and learning too much about the wrong things and not enough about the right things.


  • Introduction
  • Trading Partners
  • The Technologies
  • The Enabling Community
  • Implementation Team
  • The Plan
  • Calculate Readiness

Support Materials (click here)

  • "How ready are you" worksheet
  • Implementation game and outline from book
  • Sections 1, 2, and 3 from the Bar Code Implementation Guide
  • PDF of Presentation

Other Items To Purchase

If you are beginning a project or working with others who are just starting out, we suggest the following which are all available at the Bookstore:

On-line books (PDF Format):

  • Bar Code For Beginners ($12.00)
  • RFID For Beginners ($12.00)
  • Introduction to RFID, Bar Codes, Automatic Identification and Data Collection ($7.00)
  • Getting Started With Bar Codes Lite ($7.00)
  • Using Bar Codes and RFID in Transportation and Distribution ($9.00)
  • Using Bar Codes and RFID in Manufacturing and Production Control ($9.00)
  • Using Bar Codes and RFID in Warehousing and Inventory Control ($9.00)
  • Using Bar Codes and RFID in Security, Access and Asset Control ($9.00)
  • Successful Solutions in Healthcare ($29.00)

Hard copy books:

  • The Bar Code Implementation Guide: Using Bar Codes in Distribution ($69.95)