How to define, design and implement bar code, rfid, in warehouse management, inventory management software providing supply chain visibility and inventory control.

Get started. drill down from layman to technical understanding of rfid, bar code applications, benefits and tradeoffs. Get started and drill down from layman to technical understanding of bar code and rfid applications, benefits and tradeoffs. Best practices, benchmarking, and cost payback enable you to define, design and implement cost effective global supply chain systems. Fundamentals of global supply chain flow and how rfid and bar codes and Internet communications are used to optimize your system. Introduction and drill down for supply chain standards retail, paper, automotive, airframe, DoD, military GS1, UPC, UPC.EAN, GTIN, EAN, AIAG, DoD, Spec. 2000, UID, EPC.



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RFID For Beginners 
(With Introduction to RFID, Bar Codes, Automatic Identification and Data Collection)

# Pages: 36
Price: $12.00

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This comprehensive book has been written and edited by experienced, practicing experts. It is really 3 books in one. The main emphasis is RFID for Beginners. However, because of integration issues, the authors have wisely included an Overview on related technologies including bar code, biometrics, magnetic stripes, smart cards, and Wireless for Beginners (sometimes called mobile technology) used for networking and communications with host systems.

The Beginners Series

Everything you need to know about Automatic Identification and data collection (AIDC) technology is contained in non-technical language and all in one place. This “Beginners” series gets you off on the right foot using the precise, generic (non commercial, vendor independent) language. Your understanding of terminology and concepts will enable you to formulate questions and understand the answers. Beginners information is included in 2 documents designed not to over-burden you with information. Each document is provided in an Adobe File and is searchable on the topic shown in the outline. 

The document is provided in an Adobe File and is searchable on the topic shown in the outline. You can review the document on your computer or print out any or all of the pages.

Table of Contents

  • An Introduction to Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC)
    • AIDC It Really Is Changing Our Lives
    • Identifying Opportunities: Starter Questionnaire 11 thought provoking topics

  • The Technologies
    • Linear Barcodes
    • Multi-row Barcodes
    • Matrix Codes
    • Optical Character
    • Optical Mark Reading
    • Magnetic Stripe
    • Contact Memory
    • R. F. I. D.
    • Voice Recognition
    • Speech Recognition
    • Biometric Identification

  • Data on the Move: Networks, EDI and Electronic Commerce

  • The Business Case for AIDC

  • Where and how the technologies are being used

  • RFID for Beginners

    • Introduction
    • Characteristics
    • Current implementation
    • Technology changes
    • Standards

  • Wireless for Beginners
    • Overview of networks
    • How does a LAN work
    • Voice over IP
    • A mobile environment
    • Wireless benefits
    • Standards
    • Thoughts on choosing a vendor