How to define, design and implement bar code, rfid, in warehouse management, inventory management software providing supply chain visibility and inventory control.

Get started. drill down from layman to technical understanding of rfid, bar code applications, benefits and tradeoffs. Get started and drill down from layman to technical understanding of bar code and rfid applications, benefits and tradeoffs. Best practices, benchmarking, and cost payback enable you to define, design and implement cost effective global supply chain systems. Fundamentals of global supply chain flow and how rfid and bar codes and Internet communications are used to optimize your system. Introduction and drill down for supply chain standards retail, paper, automotive, airframe, DoD, military GS1, UPC, UPC.EAN, GTIN, EAN, AIAG, DoD, Spec. 2000, UID, EPC.



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Successful Solutions in Healthcare

# Pages: 64
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This is the book that will help provide a common understanding about using technologies like bar code and RFID among IT professionals and those involved in the management, operations and technical facets of almost any business. 

It explains technical capability (what your could do) and operating reality (what you are doing or should be doing) by reviewing the processes where RFID and bar codes are providing efficiencies today. The first part of the book explain the activities that bar code and RFID can positively impact through the use of easy to understand flow charts and diagrams.  The second part includes 28 application stories about where and how AIDC is being used today.

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This book contains editorial contributions from Karen Longe, author of UPN Bar Code Labeling: A Guide for Implementation in Healthcare, Rick Bushnell, Founder of InsightU and Quad II Consulting, Bruce Philpot, Director of the Center for Automatic Identification at Ohio University, and was produced by Mr. Ian Smith, CEO of AIM UK with technical review provided by Prof. Anthony Furness, Technology Innovation Centre (tic) of the University of Central England.

  • FDA Proposed Rule
  • Barcoding Cuts Risk In Health Care
  • Three Uses For Barcoding Technology: Tracking, Inventory, Validating
  • Understanding AIDC In Health Care
  • AIDC Technologies: Attributes And Benefits
  • The Possibilities Are Endless

Mini-Case Studies (41)

  • A Success At The Royal Infirmary Of Edinburgh
  • Israelís First Patient Safety System Is Unveiled
  • Mobile Enterprise In Tracking Patient Case Notes
  • Huge Potential Savings In Blood Sample Tagging And Tracking Asset Tracking In Health Care
  • Thirty Seven More Stories!