How to define, design and implement bar code, rfid, in warehouse management, inventory management software providing supply chain visibility and inventory control.

Get started. drill down from layman to technical understanding of rfid, bar code applications, benefits and tradeoffs. Get started and drill down from layman to technical understanding of bar code and rfid applications, benefits and tradeoffs. Best practices, benchmarking, and cost payback enable you to define, design and implement cost effective global supply chain systems. Fundamentals of global supply chain flow and how rfid and bar codes and Internet communications are used to optimize your system. Introduction and drill down for supply chain standards retail, paper, automotive, airframe, DoD, military GS1, UPC, UPC.EAN, GTIN, EAN, AIAG, DoD, Spec. 2000, UID, EPC.



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We're here to help your team get the job done. This is a very changeable world. Staff will come and go but the need to keep your company in compliance with industry standards does not change. Join Insight and become one of a growing number of companies that benefit from obtaining on line and/or person-to-person training and support. Annual membership is $575.(About $10 a week).


Benefits include: 

  1. Telephone or email support for answers to questions about industry labeling, bar code and communications guidelines and related topics.

  2. Tele-Consulting -- Your company is entitled to a one-hour, one-on-one, tele-consulting phone call each year. This is an excellent time to bring new people or long term employees up to date on the latest changes to industry standards. You can have your whole project team in on the call.

  3. Free access to four informative, self-running, with audio, Internet accessible slide presentations that explain, in laymanís terms, what those involved in the supply chain need to know about labeling and bar codes, as well as the fundamentals of RFID and Supply Chain Compliance Overview on the Internet. We will provide you a company-specific Supply Chain Compliance Overview web page that outlines what your company is doing relative to your industry guidelines

  4. Keep Me Current Service -- This service notifies you, by e-mail, about new information available on the Internet, new technology issues, new web sites, upcoming trade shows, seminars and telephone conferences, etc.

  5. Bar Code Policy. We will help you develop a company-specific Bar Code, Label and Communications Policy to make sure that your system needs are understood by your suppliers.

  6. Trading Partner Policy. We will help you develop a program to communicate Bar Code, Label and Communications Policy to your trading partners.

  7. Bar Code Equipment Vendor Locator. Let us help you find the companies that have what you need so you can shop and compare prices.

  8. Label Review. Send us samples of your labels for review. We will verify compliance with your industry guidelines, including: label layout; symbologies used; bar code scannability; human readable data; and overall print quality.